RIELE Photometer & Centronic Reagents

The cooperation of CENTRONIC GmbH with the company RIELE GmbH & Co KG/Berlin is the best combination of photometers and reagents for the end user.

  • Highest qualitative reagents from CENTRONIC GmbH
  • Pre-programmed and stored application for Centronic reagents
  • Very easy to use:
    • no long own preprogramming more necessary
    • prepare the reagents/samples as given in the assay procedures
    • choice the channel of the item you want to measure
    • start measurement
    • read results 
  • All common units (mg/dl, mmol/l etc.) for each item are preprogrammed on different channels for your free choice
  • All models of RIELE Photometers in the market can be easy subsequently fitted with our applications
  • Combination of many years of experience of
    • Centronic GmbH in the area of clinical chemistry reagents and
    • Riele GmbH & Co. KG in manufacturing of photometers


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