Hisham Assaf

ITC’s new website is designed to reflect the company’s corporate culture, its values, sense of mission, vision and our capableness as a sustainable enterprise. We trust this revamped portal will allow our visitors to learn more about our organization, products and growth strategies.


The Middle East region is currently evidencing widespread geopolitical risks – violence, cheap oil and budgetary cuts - which will inevitably take a toll on the local economies. Nevertheless, healthcare sector being a top priority will mostly retain aplenty growth opportunities for the fittest. To sustain the new paradigm, we have opted to challenge the status quo, reinvigorate our business model and fully embrace the prevalent business climate. 


As a leading medical device provider in the meddle east region, ITC’s mission transcends beyond the horizon of mere product offerings or trade services. Working proactively with our strategic partners, we constantly aim to elevate the building blocks of our services as a consummately specialized total solution provider. 


These are exciting times for us and I believe you will gain a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, innovative nature and the strength of our teams as you browse this website. 

President & Chief Executive Officer

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